Bargello Quilt

We show how to make a Bargello quilt by making it in blocks, much as you do with other quilts. With this method the quilt is fairly simple to make because the instructions take you systematically through the process.  Also,  it is more economical in fabric using our patterns compared with the traditional tube method. The blocking approach also means that the sewing is more manageable because you mostly have less fabric to push through the sewing machine.

How to make your quilt

The links below will give guidance on each of the steps in making your Bargello quilt.  First, you need the right equipment. Then, once you have a pattern, there are 10 steps:

  1. Purchase the materials listed in the pattern you have bought.  You may want to choose your own fabric colours when you do this.
  2. Cut the required number of strips, as given by the pattern for your quilt design.
  3. Sew the strips together to form strip sets.
  4. Cut the strip sets into columns of widths given in the pattern.
  5. Make the blocks.
  6. Sew the blocks together.
  7. Add the borders.
  8. Layer and quilt.
  9. Label your quilt.
  10. Finally, bind the quilt.
  11. Glossary

Here are the Tips and Tricks in pdf  so you can print them.